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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sasha and Ari; Body Language Speaks

Sasha met Ari for the first time this morning as they were on the tie out next to each other. Here, she licks her lips which is a calming behavior. It is to calm not only herself, but Ari as well as they were both momentarily on edge. Ari's ears are back indicating his uncertainty.

Being the playful puppy she is, Sasha lunges forward unexpectedly. Ari pulls his head back and to the side a bit and his enlarged eyes show his surprise.

Then as quickly as Sasha lunged forward, Ari slowly rises up from his sit and stares her down as if to say "listen sister, I'm the bigger dog here even if I am still a bit worried." She quickly moves back.

The scene ends with both dogs running calmly next to each other in front of the dog sled.

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