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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Home to the Aftermath from the Blizzard

Just 1/3 more to go!

Excellent lake trail conditions prior to my departure last weekend.

Now we get to start all over


Rebecca cleared the deck, making one snow free oasis in the yard.

It sure if beautiful. Photos, however, don't tell the true story of the snowdrift depths. Areas around the fences had to be shoveled down so that the dogs would not simply walk over them.

My visit to New Hampshire was all too short but I did have a kennel of wonderful sled dogs of my own to get back to and then, of course, all of the clean up from the blizzard that we weren't aware would impact us while I was away. Klaus had been passing rubber bits since Saturday morning and doing well and we potentially lost some "evidence" in the storm. I was anxious to get back to him, as well. Apparently, we were now only missing 1/3 of a bungee.

Friendships were strengthened and some new friendships were made during my visit. I look forward to my return in January to pick up our pups and to spend more time with those that have become so close.

Rebecca did an amazing job in her first Minnesota blizzard with our sled dogs. Everything had been shoveled out that needed to be and thankfully a neighbor had been told I was away and came out with his big tractor with a snow blower to make it possible for me to get down my driveway. Another neighbor then chipped in to finalize the job. 20 inches of blowing snow is nothing to shake a shovel at and required some extra time with a skid loader. Where do we put all the snow? Oake Lake sure didn't appreciate it as I saw intense pockets of slush dotting my once perfect dog sled arena. This would take some time to correct.

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