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Saturday, December 4, 2010

First Lake Run of Season - 2nd Team

Our trail had already blown over quite a bit from the first run so the second team ended up breaking trail as well.

Taking a break. Journey and Ilo in wheel

There's my happy boy Oken and the little stinker, Zala.

Wimzi Woozer!

Rebecca did a great job running both teams today about a third of the way around while I sat in the sled and took photos.

The sun decided to make a showing for our afternoon run. Watching the sun reflect on the snow as it twinkled and shimmered back at us was magical.

Conditions warranted an eight dog team which meant that three dogs had to make the run again. Those appearing to be up for it were Oken, White Feather and Journey.

The line up was: Oken-Zala in lead, Wimzi-Sweet Pea in point, Zodiak-White Feather in team and Ilo-Journey in wheel. Let me just say that Oken was amazing and has such great potential and Zala is just as amazing and just like her mom. If it had not been for the fact that Zala had other plans and Oken still does not have the confidence to continue to go in the direction I've given because Zala confuses him into thinking he is wrong, Oken would have just aced the run. Another mental note was made at this time to demote Zala back into the team on the next few runs. Like mother, like daughter.

Oken looked back at me and attempted to go in the direction I have him each time. My next run will be with Oken in single lead so that I can work on his confidence level without interference from one of the princesses.

This was Wimzi's first run in snow and first run on a lake! You would have never known. It's just go, go, go with her. She continues to be the most massive female in our kennel. She's close in height to Topa and Sweet Pea but outweighs each of them. She's got a very thick build - thick legs, deep chest and head. Her gait and structure are excellent.

Sweet Pea ran well despite her missing toenail. We did place a bootie on that foot to help protect it which worked well.

All in all, we had two very successful and very fun runs today.

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