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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Arrival and Puppeeeez!

Beautiful Daisy in her new whelping box by the woodstove.

Turkey Jim is a light chocolate buff color and is the largest of the male pups. We've not seen a pup of this color come out of a Hedlund litter to date.

Wishbone is the smallest of the male pups and looks strikingly similar to our Phoenix at the same age.

Pepper is the second largest boy and so far seems to have the thickest, most wavy coat.

Grayvy caught me completely off guard. I typically see these facial markings in my Zulu line pups.

Pear is the largest of all of the pups and has a very unique silver, almost blue coat color. Her recently opened eyes indicate a lighter blue than the others so she may very well have blue eyes.

Honey is an adorable female who is the smallest of the bunch at this point.

Fruitcake has markings that look as though they have been finely painted on to her china doll like face.

Lidia and I had been connected via email 5 1/2 years when she inquired about the wonderful rare line of Alaskan Husky called a Hedlund Husky that I had just added to the Points Unknown kennel. We became the best of friends, emailing and talking on the phone almost daily ever since. She has also received three very special puppies from the Points Unknown kennel over the years. With the arrival of the new puppies sired by one of those original special pups sent, it seemed like time for us to meet face to face and we were both very excited that one of us was finally able to make it happen.

Our initial face to face meeting was anticlimactic as it seemed as though we had just seen each other the day before. What a comfortable feeling. And we just went about doing what either one of us would have done had we not been together; run the dogs, play with puppies, etc. We did manage to get some very special down time in (!) that included a special dinner party with like minded mushers and a quick shopping trip to a local artsy shop that carries Lidia's art.

On to the puppies! What can you say about puppies? They were adorable. At almost two weeks old, their eyes were in various stages of opening and by the end of the trip, they had finally noticed that they had litter mates and began to play. This is an extremely diverse litter with the various colorings, markings, coat type and potential eye colors while still appearing, at this time, to hold true to the best of the Hedlund Husky phenotype.

Lidia chose initial names for the pups that were Thanksgiving based as the pups were born on Thanksgiving weekend and some of those names may actually stick!

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