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Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Day After

The December rain "dampens" our ability to provide Oake Lake Experiences at the moment.

A day of lounging around is in order

We had planned to head up north to run the dogs on our beautiful northwoods trails after the Audubon Family Event. The forecast indicated that rain and freezing rain was likely the entire time we had planned to be in the area giving us no option but to travel home to Watertown directly after the event to make sure we didn't have to travel under dangerous conditions. Not to mention the fact that running sled dogs in the rain in the middle of winter is really not an awful lot of fun for the humans. The dogs don't mind, of course. Instead, we are spending a much needed day of rest as we try not to be too bothered by the sight of our lake trails slowly turning to water right in front of our eyes.

The forecast calls for temps dipping below zero beginning tomorrow night with rain changing to snow. Our hope is that the temps remain low for the next couple of weeks so that the lake can recover. Low temps could also help do away with all of the slush we were dealing with prior to the rain-out as the frozen lake begins to rejuvenate itself.

Sadly, there will be no Oake Lake Experiences until our lake trails are covered in snow again.

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