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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Puppy Pull Training

At the start, tightened up and ready to go!

Very focused

Aise with a big smile

Head to the ground

All photos in this post taken by Neil
Illy is very serious about her work

Aise and Illy got their second pull training lesson yesterday. Learning needs to be fun and in the case of a young puppy, each lesson needs to be very short.

We found two of the smallest harnesses we have and fit them to the puppies the best we could by using a belly band. This belly band clips on either side of harness and under the puppy's belly so that if they twist and turn, they can't extract themselves from the harness and run free.

We then attached the back of the harness to a leash and headed out on to the lake. When ever the puppies did what we wanted them to do, which was the majority of the time, we praised them by saying "Good Pull!". Otherwise, they were free to do what puppies do; jump, roll, romp and sniff. Our training session lasted about 10 minutes then they were back to playing in the back yard.

I can easily see their pulling instinct. Even at this age, they are very fired up to go!

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