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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Another Injury for Sweet Pea

"Now, this is what I'm talkin' about", Sweet Pea says as she rests in Neil's arms.

Aise is a beautiful buff color with a soft mask. She has a super dense undercoat that is longer than Illy's. Her gray guard hairs are just beginning to come in.

Illy is a striking gray with a well defined mask as though it has been painted on. She has a very dense, butter soft undercoat and her guard hairs are also beginning to come in. Ears will be up soon!

Our poor girl Sweet Pea began to limp last week after a run. She rested for a few days and we had her on an anti-inflammatory but she didn't seem to be getting much better until today. Today was the first day her limp wasn't as exaggerated. I would imagine it helped that she stayed inside last night and Neil babied her for most of the evening. Even though she loves the puppies, I would think that an evening away from them did her some good as well.

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