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Monday, February 21, 2011

Points Unknown's "Day in the Life" Experience

All photos in this post were provided by Chris Lenske
Zala and brother Zodiak wait patiently to be removed from the gangline

Phoenix soaks up the attention

Lisa's turn in the sled

Patty had to get her photo taken with Phoenix and Tuloon, making certain we knew that she wasn't a dog person. (wink)

Puppy time!

The dogs love the individual attention and enjoyed hosting our guests for the day.

Oken and Topa lead one of our teams

We feel so lucky to have folks who enjoy themselves so much in one of the Points Unknown programs that they want to come back and join us for another adventure! Chris L. came to visit us when we were running the dog mushing adventure trip program at Gunflint Lodge a few years ago. She fell in love with the dogs and wanted to bring some friends and come back for more time with them this winter.

She and a friend made the trek from the Chicago area up to Minnesota to join a friend that just happens to live down the road from Points Unknown for a "Day in the Life" at Points Unknown kennel. We began the day by feeding the dogs and doing kennel chores which gave our guests a glimpse into a typical day and provided them with a better opportunity to get to know the dogs a little more intimately.

While giving the dogs some time to digest their food, we did a little puppy pull training then spent some time in the house to have a snack and play with the little mascots, Copper and Blueberry.

After our snack, we collared the sled dogs, took them out to the line and harnessed them for a run. Two teams went out in the morning and another in the early afternoon, after a hearty lunch. By the time the dogs were unharnessed and taken back to their kennels, it was already 4:00. Where had the time gone?

It was so nice to see Chris again. We were also glad to meet Patty and Lisa and hope to see them again soon.

This was a customized adventure tailored to the desires of our guests. If it fits within our values and vision, we're happy to customize an adventure for any small group.

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