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Monday, February 21, 2011

February Girl Scout Dog Mushing Event

A Phoenix sandwich

Team Katherine, Phoenix and Tuloon

Liz with Oken and Topa

Smiling faces

Off they go!

I give Topa and Oken a pep talk

Kicking off to help the dogs in the warm temperatures

Our beautiful Journey

At take off

Ilo gets a cuddle

Teaching how to harness with Sweet Pea as the demo dog

Our wonderful Hailey

Putting collars on

Blueberry plays with the puppies to entertain our guests

Another successful take off

Our final Girl Scout dog mushing program of the season took place the second weekend in February. We had temperatures in the teens for the January event and temps in the 40s for this February! We took it easy on the dogs, allowing for long breaks between short runs around the tiny bay of our lake.

All photos in this post were provided by Debi, a Girl Scout mom.

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