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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Puppies Meet the Big Dogs

Phoenix lays down for the puppies while Topa tends to put herself between the puppies and Phoenix, if she can.

Joel, one of our new kennel helpers, with the puppies and Topa.

They're slowly becoming a part of the pack.

The pups are in the gangly stage with thick legs and big feet.

Illy gets tired of being picked on and tells Aise a few things.

Aise and Illy have been slowly getting to know each and every one of the big dogs through the fence. Everyone appears to be accepting of them and most seem to want to get to know them better. Last week we began putting the pups in the big kennel with Phoenix and Topa for a few minutes at a time and yesterday, they got to play with them in the back yard while we supervised.

Phoenix has proven to be good and safe around puppies and from what we had seen of Topa, we thought the meeting would go well. Topa tends to follow them around to try and protect them from Phoenix who really just wants to play.

During our runs, the puppies are participating by hanging out in the kennel where, just on the other side, the majority of the dogs are tied out, ready to be hooked to the sled. They are getting used to the sights and the sounds of dog mushing!

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