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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Job Description

This snow pile used to be up to the shed window!

Buzzing back from yet another snow removal trip

One of the many points to a musher's job description is dealing with the multitudes of snow in the dog yard. This year, we've gotten more than our share and it is beginning to pile up which can create a safety issue if those piles are high enough for the dogs to escape. And without a bit of snow every few days to freshen the kennels, the snow can begin to get too dirty and then needs to be removed. Not to mention the drainage issue excess snow can create when it begins to melt. We would rather avoid a river running through our dog garage this spring!

Neil has made the snow removal his project this week and in one day took 15 loads of excess snow out of the dog yard! Where does the snow go? Neil shovels it into the Otter sled which is a tow behind sled for a snowmobile then moves it to another part of the property where dogs and buildings will not be affected.

What an excellent way to be outside and get some exercise!

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