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Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Zodiak stands poised for his microchip

Ooh, that smarts!

Klaus actually didn't even react to the humunga needle that "installs" the chip. His eyes were wide open because the treat tasted so good!

Stick needle in neck. Pop treat in mouth. Voila, Ilo is chipped!

Once microchipped, each dog was scanned to make certain the device worked and that the numbers matched up

The dogs have earned a little extra for themselves this winter thanks to the overabundance of snow, so we thought we would invest that money where it could someday be of great benefit.

For safety reasons, our dogs don't wear collars in their kennels or while running around and playing in our yard. When they are wearing their collars, when we're out on adventures, it wouldn't be safe to have tags dangling from the collar ring. This has worried me for years but we could never afford to microchip each of 17 dogs so we've just been very careful with each dog in each situation and basically, have been very lucky not to have lost one of them.

My sincere thanks to our friends at Adopt A Husky for providing us with such a great discount on the microchips and registration and special thanks to Ann P. for coming out to "install" them in trade for some Redpaw. Because of their generosity and kindness we were able to microchip each and every one of our beloved furry friends this month!

I can't say the dogs enjoyed the process but it could benefit us all greatly if anyone ever becomes separated from the pack.

Please come out and support the Adopt A Husky organization as they have their annual Husky Hike in May. Visit their website for details. There are huskies out there waiting for homes and your money helps them get those homes.

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