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Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Wolves are About

Last week we had two wolf encounters. One was quite a distance from the dog yard, the other was far too close.

A large, healthy, reddish gray wolf was spotted from the Gunflint Trail, running in the deep snow into the woods. Sitings such as this are few and cherished when they do occur.

The second siting was later the same day. While unloading the truck, a very tall, mange ridden wolf walked out of the dog yard area and within 25 feet of me. The dogs didn't make a sound. When I realized it was a wolf I was staring at, I ran at it, making as much noise as I could. It trotted off, stopped and looked back then continued this sequence all the way down the road. A healthy wolf would not behave this way. Our thoughts are that this wolf was looking for scraps near the dog yard and the dogs didn't feel threatened by it due to its unhealthy state therefore didn't sound an alarm. This second siting is a concern and puts us on alert. Wolves are to be seen and cherished from afar and are not welcome in the dog yard.

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