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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Glorious Day!

Wolf tracks on the lake with what appear to be fox tracks having been laid either before or after the wolf passed through

Loon Lake Scenery

Beautiful Highland Trail

Temps are in the single digits and the sun is out in full force! Trails were groomed this morning after dog feeding so they will be ready for our weekend guests.

Wolf tracks were spotted all over our dog sledding trail system. They have been more active this year than last and the mangy wolf mentioned in a previous post has made himself very visible. He has been seen on the ski trail heading towards the dog yard in the middle of the day as well as near the apartments at dusk. One morning a 40lb bag of dog food was bit open and dragged down the driveway. (Yes, now the bags are stored inside the apartment instead of right outside the door.) This wolf is the suspected offender.

The dogs have had a couple days off for some much needed rest after our tough lake runs last weekend. Out on the lake today with the snowmobile, numerous good snowmobile trails were found for the dogs to follow to avoid any undetected slush pockets that may be lurking off trail.

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