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Friday, January 9, 2009

First Gunflint Lake Experience of the Season

Dog transportation down to the lake from the dog yard

Liz's team hooked down before we begin

Preparing the team and guest prior to our departure

Helen's with her straw bale passenger

Returning from the run

Linda and Team

Liz and Team

Helen and Team

Thursday, January 8th was our first Gunflint Lake Experience of the season, one week earlier than the previous year. The snow and ice have come early this year. Temps were around 10 degrees F with calm winds. The lake conditions were slow with a few slush pockets, however fewer than had existed just the day before when I shot a snowmobile track down the lake.

Our first guests on this experience were Gunflint Lodge staff members Don and Marilyn. Beginning his adventure in the sled, Don spent some time on the runners on our return trip while the musher sat in the sled and enjoyed the ride! For a first timer, Don did an excellent job and only almost dumped his passenger once.

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