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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Neil's Four Dog Team

One of the many steep downhills that the dogs love!

Leaning around a corner

Lowering your center of gravity also helps to stabilize around corners

Cresting a hill

More leaning

What good dogs!

Considering that Neil, having arrived from England in mid December, had never been on the back of a sled before, his graduation to a four dog team came quickly and within his first few weeks with us.

For better overall control and ease in making turns, it's important to carry a bit of weight along with you in the sled. Neil's ballast was a straw bale.

Klaus and Zala where his lead dogs with Tuloon and Sweet Pea in wheel. This team was powerful enough to make travel on the flat easy for both dogs and musher yet not too overpowered for the many steep downhills. And those uphills, well........... Neil at 6'3" and 220lbs got his share of exercise as he walked up hills while hanging on to his sled.

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