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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Introduction Update

Me and team of six

Quite a lot has happened since the March 2007 introduction and beginning of this blog. One thing, obvious to those who read the blog often, is that Points Unknown is providing dog mushing adventures at Gunflint Lodge during the winter months.

My Real Estate Appraisal business of almost 18 years was replaced with a position in a reputable appraisal firm, Comprehensive Valuation Services, Inc. so that there would be more time available for the dogs. Many thanks to its dog and outdoor enthusiast members who are very understanding of my need to move north for the winter months. I join them again in April, upon my return from the northwoods with the sled dogs.

In an effort to try and help the Real Estate Appraisal industry, I accepted an appointment to the Minnesota State Appraisal Advisory Board. We are making slow but sure progress to ensure the industry remains high in ethical standards.

The beeswax candle business(Scent from Nature 100% Pure Beeswax Candles) is yet another avenue to bring funds into the pot to support me and the Points Unknown sled dogs do what we love best. The business has grown and steps are being made this year to increase production, increase wholesale accounts and retail venues. The making of the candles still remains a very relaxing and fulfilling endeavor and is a nice balance for the deadlines and pressures associated with my appraisal work.

Phew.....all of this certainly doesn't sound like the title of this blog - "The quest for a more simple lifestyle......." There is a grand scheme to all of this madness. Each item on my plate fits nicely into this plan; the time spent with my dogs in the wilderness being one of the main priorities along with a special relationship that continues to grow even more special as time goes by.

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