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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Neil's Five Dog Team Run

Phoenix left and Journey right. Sweet Pea smiles behind Journey

Zodiak to the left behind Phoenix

Neil's 5 dog team

Being given the "thumbs up" by very respectful snowmobilers passing by.

Happy Dogs!

The day before his departure from the northwoods of Minnesota to return, for the time being, to the UK, Neil ran solo with a five dog team. Having had numerous runs on the lake with four to five dogs and one run with a guest musher and her six dog team while she sat in the sled, he was more than prepared.

Even though the dogs were less than enthusiastic at hook-up due to a couple of hard working days in less than agreeable conditions on the lake, they rose to the occasion and once the snow hook and quick release were pulled, off they went and the enthusiasm burst forth.

Phoenix and Journey were Neil's leaders. This is Phoenix's first year at open country lead work and his first year being a senior trail leader. Journey is in her first full season of running as she is only 19 mos old and she is blossoming at lead.

Zodiak, still an immature male at 17 mos old, is doing very well in point or wheel this season. Next year, once he grows up a bit, he will be placed in lead. Sweet Pea, Zodiak's aunt, does well in any position as long as she doesn't have to lead. She just doesn't care for the pressure. McKenzie, a seasoned sled dog at 7 years old and father to Journey, was in wheel position for Neil's run.

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