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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Lake Conditions Hard-Going

11 dog team on the lake

The conditions on Gunflint Lake so far this season have been very hard-going. Last season the slush came and went in a matter of two weeks. This year, the slush is sticking around much longer due to the increase in snow levels. What is good for the trails is not good for the lakes. We have managed to make trails on the lake with the snowmobile to avoid the slush, however the trouble comes when the snow falls and the wind blows and the trails are no where to be found.

On top of the trail conditions, the temps are well below zero with high winds, making lake travel just plain brutal. Today we've decided to stay off the lake until the temps rise. When they do, we will just need to increase our dog team numbers to maintain a respectable pace above a crawl for our adventures. What would have taken a team of 6 dogs last year is now taking 8+. What is nice about the lake adventures is that guests get a chance to run the team and the dogs do love the open lake running.

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