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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Tuloon/Bazil Pups - 3 weeks old

Basket full of puppies

The puppies are placed in a laundry basket to keep them contained while cleaning the puppy pen.

Active Puppies.

They begin to play much more intensely this week; grabbing a mouthful of puppy hair and skin and shaking their tiny little heads, biting at each other's legs and noses. Each has their own little voice and although they are generally a quite bunch, they certainly let everyone know when they are excited about something or are hungry.

Tuloon in action.

Tuloon continues to be a very attentive mom. She still cleans them and their surroundings meticulously.

Longing for freedom.

The pups got a taste of the great outdoors this week. Since their first introduction it has been raining so they have been stuck in the dry pool of a puppy pen until it dries up outside. They will soon be crawling out of the pool and that's when they will be relocated to the outdoor pen where they will be able to do a lot more exploring.

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