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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Tuloon/Bazil Female Puppies

The "T-girl" has been officially named.... Zala weighed 5lbs 14oz at 4 weeks old. She is the most dominant female and routinely stands over the other puppies to prove it. She's a comical girl, always making us laugh with her mischievous antics.

Wayha weighted 5lbs 8oz today. She's filled with sugar and spice. Wahya is still very social with the other puppies and can be reserved with new situations. She still likes her space on occasion and can be found laying by herself after a long puppy play session only to join the group again after a little alone time.

Zorra is outgoing and friendly and follows Zala's mischievous lead. She weighed 6lbs 7oz today, making her way to the top of the female puppies' weight range.

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