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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Amaruq 9/1/01 - 10/10/07

Amaruq during his final BWCA trip in February of 2007.

I took Amaruq to the vet yesterday morning because he didn't eat his breakfast and when it came time to go out to play, he just walked slowly versus being his usual boisterous self. The last time he behaved this way, a pound of rocks was found in his stomach as he had been known to eat a rock or two.

All of his blood work was normal and the x-ray didn't show any rocks only a stomach full of food which should have passed by this time. He stayed at the vet clinic over night and when given fluids, pinked up nicely. The vet had him swallow little beads of different sizes called "bips" to see how well they passed. The x-ray this morning showed that only a few of the smaller beads had passed so there might have been a soft obstruction such as a piece of a raw hide so they decided they needed to take him to surgery to find out. While preparing him for surgery and giving him the same types of things he received when getting neutered years ago, he went into cardiac arrest. After trying to revive him for 30 minutes, he passed away.

This was all so very sudden and I am still in complete shock. I just returned from the vet to see his body before he is cremated. When all this was going on, I was out on a run with the other dogs, the first run of the season, and I was thinking about how we would have to help Amaruq get up to "speed" when he recovered from his stomach surgery in a few weeks by cutting back the miles and going slower. I had no idea that yesterday when I dropped him off and said "see ya later, Amaruq" that it would be the last words I said to him.

Amaruq was from the very first puppy litter I ever helped raise. He was the most sweet and loving dog. Being an extremely powerful puller, he loved his job intensely. Amaruq was born the day before the tragic 9/11. I remember his litter being a very bright spot of hope in the horrific turmoil our country was in at the time. Words can't describe my bond with this dog and how much he will be missed in my life and in the team. This is a very sad day.

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  1. I am stunned...I so fondly remember Amaruq, visiting him every morning on the trip while doing the chores, and just watching him run, not to mention practicing my very novice dog-skills with him! He sure leaves a very large empty spot in the snow and in many hearts! My most sincere condolences on such a very sad day.