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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Tuloon/Bazil Female Puppies

At 3lbs, the "T" Girl is the largest of the females. She also has the biggest personality and is always making me laugh with the "opinions" she so often voices. Its obvious when she is tired of someone stepping on her head or when she is looking for Tuloon or when she has just awakened from a nap and wants to play. She has different little vocalizations for each.

This is Wahya which means "wolf" in Cherokee. She weighed 2lbs 13oz today. Mild and sweet, she seems content when held. A little game of dominance was noticed when Wahya and the White Nose girl took turns over and over laying on each other. One would lay over the other and the one underneath would promptly extract themselves and get back on top.

White nose girl is the most mild of all of the girls. She weighed 2lbs and 13 oz today. When being held, she goes limp and promptly falls asleep. Now that's content.

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