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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Tuloon/Bazil Puppies - 4 weeks old

Zala playing her dominance games with Wahya.

From left to right; Zodiak, Rusty, Zorra

Zala being her mischievous self.

Blue's first visit with the pups in their outdoor space.

Zodiak greeting the tentative Copper.

The pups were moved from their cushy indoor location to their new outdoor space. They seemed insulted by the straw for bedding instead of a nice fleece blanket. For the first day, they wouldn't set foot on the straw. When night came, the temps got down to the upper 30s and in the morning I found the little guys huddled in a pile under the heat lamp on a nice bed of straw.

It was interesting to see each individual pup adapted to their new surroundings. Some acted as though it was nothing new. Others took a while to open up to the idea. As of the past couple of days, all pups seem to be back to their "old" selves.

Looking forward to weighing the little guys all week, I was anxious to compare their weights to that of the 2005 Inuit Dog litter. The traditional Alaskan lines at Points Unknown are typically larger than the Alaskan Huskies one might see today. Having dense coats, unlike today's Alaskan, our traditional lines result in a dog that is very low maintenance, not requiring booties, jackets and hats to do the job intended. I was amazed when the biggest male pup weighed in at almost a pound more than the biggest Inuit Dog male pup from the 2005 litter at the same age.

After all pups were weighed, the resulting range was 5lbs 8oz to 7lbs 4oz for this Hedlund Husky/Village Dog litter as compared with a range of 5lbs 4oz to 6lbs 6oz for our 2005 Inuit Dog litter.

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