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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Tuloon/Bazil 1 Week Puppy Update

Tuloon and puppy crew

Two girls

Girl to left and boy on right

Tuloon's first week of motherhood has gone by so fast! (for me, maybe not for her) She has turned out to be the perfect mother; attentive and diligent, however knows when she needs to take care of herself and take some time away from the pups to hang out with me and the little house dog mascots. The slightest puppy noise during her absence and off she runs to investigate.

Her returning appetite has increased her energy level and Tuloon enjoys at least one walk a day to stretch her legs and take in some fresh air.

This week's milestones included the first puppy toenail trimming. Tiny eyes are beginning to open and the little guys are highly mobile, "swimming" around in the plastic pool, AKA whelping box. A bathroom mat with a sticky rubber backing turned out to be the very best option for a comfortable island away from the slick surface of the pool. A cushy fleece blanket, even though a desirable comfort option, can prove to be dangerous to those pups who venture under the blanket and can't get out.

This litter is truly special. Watching them grow and take on their own personalities, teaching them good puppy manners, socializing them with people and other dogs and then thoughtfully placing each that will be leaving Points Unknown in the perfect home is not only a joyful and exciting experience, it is an honor.

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