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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Tuloon/Bazil Female Pups

Zala is miss personality. She's filled with spunk and is quite the sassy one. She doesn't stay still for long if trying to cuddle with her. Zala weighed 7lbs 10oz today.

Zorra is still laid back and doesn't get into too much trouble. She's smart and sweet and seems to be very much an "old soul" with her pensive looks. She used to enjoy laying in my arms but now she's just got stuff to get on with! Zorra is one of the plumkins at 9lbs 2oz.

Wahya used to be one of the more cautious and reserved pups but no longer! Having the many visitors this week just seemed to pull her right out of her shell. Now she is one of the first to greet anyone entering the puppy pen. She's spunky with the other pups but loves to cuddle with her human friends. She shows her happy submissive personality when she joyfully licks your chin over and over and over again. Wahya weighed 7lbs 8oz today.

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