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Friday, October 12, 2007

Journey's First "Taste" of the Trail

Journey next to Lilly, the seasoned veteran

Perfect manners for such a young pup.

Resting by the rig.

Journey at 4 mos 2 weeks and 38lbs. She'll be a big girl when she grows up!

During our training run today, Journey was jumping out of her skin to be hooked up with the other dogs. We changed plans and decided we'd give her a little taste of the trail.

Being careful to make it a fun experience that was stress-free, the young pup was harnessed and placed next to a steady and easy-going veteran. She tangled once and attempted to chew the neckline once then it was all business. Journey jumped up and lunged into her harness. Going slowly on a flat trail, we ran the team approximately 500 yards then stopped to praise them all, with the biggest praise going to the new little member of the team. Journey had pulled steadily the entire time. Her tug line was then detached and she ran along attached by only the neckline to preserve her growing bones and joints. This combination was repeated up to approximately a mile. That was just enough. She seemed pretty happy with herself. It will be fun to see her evolve into a full member of the Points Unknown team when she is old enough. Until then, she will continue to get a little "taste" of the trail now and then.

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like Journey will be a great asset to your team. Flint has not been hooked in with the other dogs but Bob runs with him in harness and he pulls the entire time. He is up to 2.5 miles running in this manner.

    I might in a week or so hook him up with some of the older, more experienced dogs to see what he does.

    Great to read about Flint's sister.