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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Training Update

My big boy, Phoenix.

Illy's gaining more confidence! Here she is, leaning into her harness during a rest.

And the dog butts....with Phoenix in single lead.

Kristen drives the rig today! Wow is that bright orange!

The DNR stopped us on the trail today.

DNR worker, Deb, spent time hugging each and every dog but I think Zodiak got double his share because he gives such good wet kisses.

Training! It has been great fun so far this season. I feel lucky to have Kristen and Lisa on the trail with us, helping with the dogs.

Earlier this week, White Feather did a smashing job in lead as this girl muscled Oken over to the right consistently. Our "gee over" training is showing its rewards! Aise was in this team, as well. We were working with her on line biting during our last run. None this time around!

More "gee over" training for Phoenix today and in single lead. He's got it! So much better than the first time out. Illy is gaining more confidence with each hook up and doing so well!

The other dogs are all doing well with no major training issue to note. They really are loving training season, as much as we are!  Klaus is not too bothered to be behind the leaders but does pull out to the left and lead from point! Wimzi is the team cheerleader and jumps straight up when she thinks that our break should be ending. Ilo and Sweet Pea are the wheel dogs for one of our teams and they are just strong and steady. Ilo always has a smile on his face but somehow loses his ears when I get out the camera. Sweet Pea turned 9 yrs old this year, along with her brother Klaus. I am not seeing any signs of their age so far this season! Tuloon gets a little down if she doesn't get to spend time in lead so we make sure she's up there for a portion of each run. Zala is our little firecracker and makes a big stink if she is not one picked for that day's run. She pulls her little heart out and has such a fluid movement. Zodiak is an athlete, plain and simple. He just loves to pull and run. Ari and Journey are the wheel dogs for one of the teams. Both are very strong. Ari has an interesting gait that appears a bit awkward but it doesn't seem to lessen his ability. He is a powerhouse! Journey has one of the most fluid gaits I've seen, next to Zala.

Last, but certainly not least, there is Topa! When we're out running, she's enjoying MN Public Radio from the comfort of her cushy crate. She is at approximately 35 days into her pregnancy and is already showing! I don't recall Tuloon showing until almost 3/4 of the way through. AND the good news is, she is eating like a horse! Of course, I have to cook for her, but she is eating it!

Oh, but what about little Copper and Blueberry, you ask? They always look forward to our return from the trail because that means it's time for the little dog walk.

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