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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Ilo Turns 8 Today!

A photo of Ilo with ears! He usually pins them back whenever I get the camera out. Happy Birthday to Ilo! Ilo is a Hedlund line Alaskan that also has some of Joe Redington Sr's Old School Alaskan lines mixed in.

Happy Birthday to Ilo! This infectiously happy dog turns eight years old today! Since he came to us just under 2 years ago, I don't have a puppy photo to put with his birthday photo but his original owner did tell me she had one and would be sending it. We'll post it just as soon as we receive it.

Ilo ran in lead for his previous owner and has only done a little bit of leading with us and mostly in smaller teams. He certainly has the aptitude for it! Ilo has got to be the happiest dog I've ever met. He has a constant big smile on his face and when he sees us, he not only wags his tail but he wags his head and then his entire body, while smiling from ear to ear. Phoenix and Ari are Ilo's boys. He's got a daughter named Rosie that lives with Lidia and Richard at Uktousa Kennel in New Hampshire and she looks very much like him. Our two boys somehow got the gargantuan genes because they dwarf their dad at 75lbs a piece!

We hope to have one more breeding with Ilo before he is fixed next year. Wimzi's sister Sasha who is 1/4 Hedlund and 3/4 Zulu line, is the lucky girl!

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