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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Ari and Ilo to Vet

That's Ilo looking at the camera while Sweet Pea keeps her eye on the trail.

Ari is in "the zone" before the run while Sasha poses for the camera.
Ari and Ilo visited the vet on Friday. Ari had a growth removed on his back inner thigh and it was sent to the lab for testing. Benign! And it is not likely to grown back. We're thankful for this news.
Ilo had a routine dental. At eight years old, his teeth were in need of a good cleaning to remove the heavy calculus that could create tooth problems down the road. They discovered that his heart conduction isn't normal. He'll be brought back to the vet in two weeks and be hooked up to the ECG machine again to determine if it was the anesthetic that created the issue or if he does indeed have an AV block. There are no outward signs of an issue with Ilo and he continues to be a productive part of the team with good recovery time so we are hopeful

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