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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Topa; Like Mother Like Daughter



She's not eating her kibble! Topa should be about 20 days along in her pregnancy today. For the first several days after she was bred, she was eating like a horse then became more picky to the point of refusing to eat her kibble. Tuloon did the very same thing. A friend and I were speaking about this earlier today. There is a great possibility that during the chemical change, certain foods, in this case kibble, begin to taste differently and potentially, unappealing. It makes complete sense. I've never liked the idea of trying to coax a dog to eat and have taken the tough love approach of, "if you don't eat it right away, it's gone". You would think that this approach would make for good and quick eaters. Not so with my dogs. They're even more stubborn than I am and I'm sure they chuckle to themselves with every bite they don't take. Generally, I've always been of the belief that a dog won't starve themselves and will eat when they're hungry. When there are babies involved, I get vigilant and tend to over analyze for the sake of those babies.

So, now back to Topa not eating. She had not eaten for two days. Last night, out of desperation, I began giving her slices of ham. She ate TEN as if it was the only meal she had been offered in weeks! Alright then, back to the kitchen to dig up the doggie recipes. Tuloon even refused to eat any of those special recipes so I was hoping that Topa would be different, for the sake of my sanity.

Digging whatever I could out of the freezer and cupboards, I compiled a rather delightful (doggie delightful) meal for Topa. I cooked a pound of organic hamburger (For those folks overseas, despite the name, this is actually not ground ham but beef. Go figure!) and about twice as much organic brown basmati rice. Remember, I said that these items were from MY stash. For the sake of my pocket book, organic may not be the way I'll go for her entire pregnancy. I then slowly heated some raw honey and mixed it in with the hamburger and rice mix. I added a tablespoon of each bee pollen and Redpaw's Balanced Fat formula and there you have it; a delectable doggy dinner! Now the big question was; will she eat it?!

Unlike mother, Topa ate it! Topa ate TODAY. Fingers crossed that she eats tomorrow.

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