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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Tuloon/Bazil 2007 Puppies Turn Four!

Baby Oken
Oken 4 years old
Baby Zodiak
Zodiak 4 years old
Baby Zala
Zala 4 years old

 The Tuloon/Bazil 2007 puppies turned four last week. This breeding was between a deep Hedlund female (Tuloon) and our Zulu line Alaskan (Bazil). They received the best of both lines, except that a bigger coat for Zodiak would have been nice. He stays plenty warm during our winter excursions and doesn't need a coat.

There were three other pups in this litter that were placed in working kennels. Cookqiz is with Lidia and Richard at Uktousa Kennel in New Hampshire and she remains intact. Wahya is with an active family nearby where she participates in skijoring competitions. Wahya has been spayed. Q is in a nearby recreational kennel and remains intact. He is our Wimzi's sire. Of those pups we kept, Zodiak was fixed for temperament issues and Zala was fixed due to her very small size for the line. Oken remains intact and, fingers crossed, will be the sire to Topa's pups due around Thanksgiving!

All three of our pups are leaders with Oken being an accomplished open country leader. The other three pups have proven to have leader potential, as well. This was just an awesome breeding that produced six beautiful, hardworking and talented sled dogs.

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