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Saturday, October 1, 2011

New Whelping Box

The beginnings of the whelping box
Neil pieced it together outside and built it so that the sides rest on the floor and can be easily removed. The floor has been insulated with 3 inch polystyrene foam that is held in place with a frame of 2x2s.

Installing the flooring

 We used stick on vinyl tiles for easy installation and for easy cleaning. Sheet vinyl could have also been used, however installation would have been more time consuming and if a portion of the surface were to get damaged, then the entire piece would have to be replaced, unlike vinyl tiles where one at a time can be replaced.

What a nice job Neil did!

 The whelping box has 18" high sides with a rail installed half way up on the interior so that when Topa lies down, she won't potentially squish puppies as they will be safely tucked under the rail. Neil installed a removable door that lifts out so that Topa can easily climb in and out but small puppies can't.

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