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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pull Training Lessons

T-Bo can be a sled dog too!

Graduation to the BIG tire.

What I enjoy the most is seeing how much fun everyone is having together.
The tiny tire is used initially to get the dogs used to the idea of something being pulled behind them.
Amber and Curt came out with their three fuzzy buddies, T-Bo, Diesel and Miss Taylor, last weekend for a private pull training lesson. They were hoping to be able to make a cohesive "sled dog" team out of their bunch so that they could pull a little kick sled this winter.

They were concerned that T-Bo, who is not quite a true "sled" dog, but rather of the herding variety, might not take to it. Ah! But any breed can learn to pull! And pull, he did!  T-Bo turned out to be a very strong puller and I suggested that she begin with him in wheel position, along with Diesel so that Miss Taylor could shine in lead. She's a very eager-to-please little girl with a lot of potential!  The recommendation was that they work each of their dogs in different positions but to really focus on Miss Taylor in lead.

Each one of our private pull training classes is custom made to fit you, your dogs and your goals. They range from an hour to an hour and a half in length. The basics can be taught in one lesson but follow-up lessons are recommended to make certain you're on track with your goals.

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