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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ilo Turns 7 Years Old

Ilo's ears always seem to disappear when the camera comes out.

We missed it! Having just added Ilo to our furry family, we thought his birthday was in February but just found out he turned seven years old on October 1st! We are so pleased to have Ilo in the kennel. He is an extremely happy and easy going boy with an awesome work ethic.

Since he just recently joined us, we had planned not to put him up in lead until he settled in more. That day came sooner than we expected. Everybody in the team (but his previous old kennel mate Ari. They snarl at each other from two kennels away which is such a strange and unexpected behavior for both of them) likes this boy and he has fit in so well, he was placed up in lead last week to see what he could do. He held the line tight and kept the team on the "gee" side of the trail. There was no hesitation. Tuloon seemed to enjoy running next to him as well and we saw a spark that wasn't there when she was up with Phoenix.

Ilo is at home in the kennel or in the house and has made good friends with the little house dogs. Happy birthday to Ilo, we're glad he's here!

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