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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Phoenix and Ari Turn 5 Years Old!

Are you done yet?

Alright, I'll give you a little grin but I won't smile.

Phoenix has a mini Sweet Pea on his head!

I'm pretty cute, you know.

Blurry but smiling! Of course, he doesn't know there is a camera pointed at him.

I am way to modest for all this attention.

C'mon, no more cameras.

I am not impressed.

Ari's BIG blurry smile when he doesn't know the camera is pointed at him.

I have no explanation for this one - the tongue and leg combination?

Rebecca's Assignment: Birthday photos. Conditions: Bad light. Constantly moving and uncooperative dogs. Results: Some really funny pictures.

These two are the goofiest pair. They are extremely expressive and both so sensitive with Ari being painfully sensitive; very kind and honest dogs.

Phoenix came to us as a baby from Alaska and after taking some time to get to know us, as Hedlund Huskies often do, he quickly blossomed into one of our best leaders so far and will turn on a dime in open country. In addition to being a knock-out sled dog, he's a great couch cuddler.

Ari came to us within the past few months. He is still taking his time to get to know us and is opening up little by little each day. He's still testing boundaries but has become accepting of his new life and routine and will come when called 95% of the time. The other 5% of the time he will look at us and run the other way but if we stand our ground and are consistent in our expectations, he eventually does come. This dog has an awesome work ethic and puts 110% into his job. He loves to pull!

Happy Birthday to our sweet boys Phoenix and Ari!

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