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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sasha Visit

Wimzi at 9 mos.

A good view of Wimzi's thick ruff as she gazes in the window at the little house dogs.

They both wait for the other to make a move.

Wimzi stands her ground as Sasha goes in for the tackle.

Now it's Wimzi's turn to dominate and Sasha sees that a bite to the foot might give her an advantage.

Playful girls

Hey! Come back here. We're not done playing yet!


I can see big doses of my Zulu in there.

Wimizi's sister came for a play visit in the rain today. They're now 9 months old and hadn't seen each other for a few months so we weren't certain how they would react to each other considering that their hormones should be building momentum. Our worries were for nothing as they wagged and pawed at the fence to be together. The ritual ensued. Wimzi has always immediately dominated Sasha in a very forceful way, to which Sasha submits. Then the tables reverse and Sasha dominates Wimzi but Wimzi tolerates her but does not submit. Whatever it is, it works for them.

Sasha is an essential part of our breeding program as she is exhibiting the "Zulu" line phenotype while Wimzi, being just as desirable to the program, is exhibiting more of the foundation female of that initial Zulu breeding(Jesse) phenotype. A given is their innate drive and aptitude for pulling and their excellent structures. Both temperaments are very well rounded, although they are both on the "bonkers" end of the scale at the moment with constant bounciness. This may dwindle with age. Both are very attentive and love people.

Sasha has the more rangy and long-legged build with longer guard hairs and a longer muzzle, all just like grandpa Zulu. Wimzi is bigger boned with a wider "wheel base", heavier by maybe 5+lbs and solid with shorter guard hairs, like grandma Jesse. Both have a similarly dense undercoat and will be maintenance free on winter overnight outings.

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