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Friday, November 12, 2010

Perimeter Fence

Tuloon, Copper and Blueberry, full speed ahead.

Norther perimeter fence. Cattle panels have been secured on to the gates which close up any areas wide enough for a dog to slip through. Even a little 12lb Copper dog.

Phoenix and Journey check out the southern perimeter.

Zala and Ari after their unexpected dip in the lake.

Last week our perimeter fence was finally installed, allowing for another few acres of secure space for the sled dogs to run, play and roam. At the moment, they can be out in this area under supervision until we are able to completely secure the areas where the wire fencing isn't quite tight enough with the ground. We have no fence jumpers but we do have a couple that have made themselves flat enough to squeeze under a fence after a rabbit. (Oken and Zala) And with the neighbor's cats now even closer to the space occupied by dogs, this has to be a priority.

We'll secure this area by attaching a section of wire fence to the bottom of the existing fence that will extend roughly two feet out and on the ground, on the inside of the fence, which will discourage any digging at the point where the fence meets the ground. We'll also need to watch for those who decide they would like to become swimmers as we have no fence on the lake side but do have the fencing extended into the lake and beyond the reeds.

It was great fun to watch as each group of dogs ran full speed ahead, trying to find the new boundaries. And as anticipated, there were a couple who went full speed ahead onto what they have known as our winter trail on the frozen lake which is now, well, just lake. Poor Sweet Pea, not a water dog in the least, took the first big plunge. Zala was next and Ari, being new and having never run this trail before, thought it a good idea to just follow Zala as she took a dive. Both came out soaking wet but no worse for the wear. Journey seemed to love the dunk and went in full chested as if it were intended. It will now be interesting to see how they react when we do get our frozen lake trail back this winter.

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