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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Injured Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea elevates her foot on Rebecca's pillow. "Oh, this is all so very serious and terribly painful," she implies with her expression.

Sweet Pea came running into the house with Tuloon and the little house dogs the other night with a yip and seconds later, she began to bleed profusely from her foot. Missing toenail! Somehow one of her toenails got caught in the threshold and off it came. Toenail, ear and tongue injuries appear so much worse than they are because of the enormous amount of blood involved and her toe bled and bled.

Rebecca held Sweet Pea's paw and applied pressure and as I applied gauze, a wrap and a bootie that then remained on until she chewed it off the next day.(Sweet Pea, not Rebecca) The bleeding appears to have stopped but we'll need to watch it closely because one bump and it can open up again. She'll be able to run in a few days with a bootie if she decides to use her foot. Right now, she is milking it for all she can and limps most of the time. I will take a few weeks for a toenail to grow back.

Poor Sweetie.

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