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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Ari and Zala in the House

Ari and Zala relaxing on the couch.

Mr Bashful


Trying to win over Copper while Copper just ignores him

What a cutie.

I can't believe it has taken us this long since his arrival in August to test Ari out in the house. I guess the way he reacted to White Feather and Wimzi during their introduction lead me to believe it would be a big challenge to introduce him to the little house dogs so I procrastinated. If you recall from an earlier post, Ari came in to the kennel with an attitude of "I'll get you before you get me" and met both White Feather and Wimzi with a wide open mouth as he chased them and cornered them. What would have happened after that we don't know because of my rapid intervention.

Well, Mr Mouth has now settled in nicely and this attitude now appears to be gone. Thank goodness. Now he's Mr Laid Back or Mr Cool and Easy which I like the idea of a whole lot better. When I opened the door, both he and Zala rushed inside and Ari promptly jumped up on the couch and pretty much remained there the entire evening. He did head down the hallway to meet the little dogs through the baby gate. The meeting was so uneventful I decided to introduce him to them one at a time and in the sun room. He did what most of the dogs do when they come in. He showed a lot of interest in Blueberry and sniffed and sniffed then tried to get him to play and avoided Copper altogether because of Copper's immediate posture and growl that says, "I'm little but I'll still rip you to pieces if you make a wrong move."

We've got another couch potato here at Points Unknown!

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