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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Topa/Oken Puppies; 1 Week Old

Silver Bay - 1lb 13oz - very soft longer coat, goes limp when picked up
Temperance - 1lb 13oz - very soft coat, goes limp when picked up
Grand Marais - 1lb 14oz - middle of the road
Tofte - 1lb 13oz - middle of the road but leaning towards the softer side
Lutsen - 1lb 10oz - middle of the road but leaning towards the squirmier side
Gooseberry - 1lb 12oz - vocal and wiggly when picked up
Arrow - 2lb 1oz - Most vocal and most wiggly when picked up - Only Boy!

 These pups are healthy and thriving. Can't tell you how happy I am about this considering that we lost two puppies from our last litter in 2009. They're all gaining weight at a normal rate and appear to be very active for pups this age as they scoot all over the whelping box. These pups don't "puppy pile". They wander off on their own in different corners of the box. They're just discovering themselves and have an awareness of those around them. First puppy toenail cutting is later today!

I've included some of the first observations I've made of each pup under their photos, keeping in mind that things change so much along the way so no real determination of temperament or coat type can be made at this stage.

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