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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Topa Update; 44 Days

Our sweet Topa.

At 44 Days into her pregnancy, Topa is losing her girlish figure. It's no surprise! She's eating like a horse, thank goodness! She's got a nice layer of fat on her ribs. Of course, I am providing a wonderful catering service for her. Each meal we're mixing a 3-5oz sample bag of various kinds of grain free dog food (for variety) with 3oz of cat food, a couple cups of Redpaw's 32K, 1 cup of either cooked and ground chicken necks or hamburger, 1 Tbs of Redpaw's Balanced Fat and enough warm water to make a thick gravy. In between meals, she's getting a hard boiled egg which she gobbles down whole.

To help keep that fat on her ribs, she's sleeping inside at night in a crate lined with a cushy comforter. A few days before she is to whelp, we'll all move downstairs to the whelping box. She'll be the one sleeping in the whelping box, although Neil did make it large enough for me to lay down in! I'll bring my cot.  We've got a vet tech on call for the week she is due. After Tuloon lost two puppies in 2009, we wanted to make certain all bases are covered.

On November 15th, we'll head to the vet to get an x-ray done to count puppy heads so we know how many to expect. The way she's looking now, it could be a big litter! We're hopeful for a routine delivery and a healthy mom and pups.

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