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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Puppies from Alaska.

We recently stumbled upon a line of freighting dogs in Alaska that appeared somewhat compatible to our Hedlund and Zulu line Alaskans. This line has the larger size we seem to lack in our females and it will serve to bring the size of our males up a bit, as well. Not to mention, it will add refreshing genetic material to both lines to support vitality and vigor.

Through a past introduction, nearly three years ago, came a reconnection with someone that would turn out to be instrumental in sending us our first pup from this line! (and 2nd...more to come!) Anita Fowler owns Sirius Sled Dogs in Fairbanks, Alaska. In addition to having several dogs from this line, she is acting as the caregivers to some of the older pups from the Andy Bassich and Kate Rorke kennel outside of Eagle, Alaska. Here, Andy and Kate own and operate Extreme Bush Alaska Lifestyle Camp.  More on their dogs and this wonderful line of freight Alaskan Husky can be found on their blog - Our Life in Alaska's Wilderness.

Blueberry and Rommel
Rommel at 9 weeks old.

Rommel arrived last weekend and has now settled in to the routine. He's met every dog (most from my lap) in the kennel and gets special puppy walks and lots of inside bonding time with us and the little dogs. He lives with Sweet Pea when outside and she has taken on the dutiful role of adoptive mother and is doing the wonderful job that she has always done to raise "other people's kids".

It just seemed like something was missing. Topa will be having her pups soon but Rommel will be way to big to play with them until they're much older. It just made sense that Rommel had a friend his own age and size to grow up with and secondary would be the added genetics in the kennel. Just so happens that there was another pup available from a litter a month younger! Things happen for a reason. We were meant to also get Rayna, a big and beautiful black, copper and white puppy. She'll be arriving on the 19th when she is 8 weeks old. Did I mention BIG? Her weight at 5 weeks old is 11lbs 5oz. My records show that most of our females at that age have been between 8lbs and 9.5lbs. NONE of our males have been that large with the biggest topping off at 10lbs 8oz. Rommel will indeed have a friend his own size. Rommel, himself, is going to be a big boy. At 7 weeks old he was 17lbs. Our biggest male was 15lbs 6oz at 7 weeks old. That male is now nearly 85lbs.

Rayna's arrival can't come soon enough. Poor Blueberry is getting fed up with a 10 week old puppy, taller and heavier than he is, using him as a dive bomb target.

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