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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Puppy Socialization for Rommel

Rommel and Anna

Topa checks out Kelsey

Rommel follows Phoenix around the yard

Phoenix and Tuloon stand in line for attention

Sweet Pea is always nearby, keeping a watchful eye over Rommel

Belly rubs

The big dogs want attention too!

 Our dogs LOVE having company and Rommel is no different. He fit right in and ate up all of the attention he was given. This week is a big week for Rommel. He visits the vet tomorrow afternoon for a puppy check up and then its on to puppy socialization class later in the week. It's important that at a young age, he be introduced to all kinds of new things so he can be a well rounded adult. It's obvious that he's had all kinds of socialization before he even arrived at Points Unknown. Now, we'll just continue the work.

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