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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Oake Lake Experience; The Dogs!

Zala, a half Hedlund Husky/half Zulu line leaps into the air as White Feather, a deep line Hedlund tries to keep her self calm. They can't wait to go!

Although we train our dogs to remain calm at hook up, some of them, like Wimzi, a quarter Hedlund line Husky/three quarters Zulu line, can't contain their excitement. She is another of our jumping bean dogs.

The Klaus/Oken team rounds the bend. These dogs PULL! From back left to right: Ari, deep line Hedlund, Journey, half Hedlund/half Alaskan Bush Trapline dog, Wimzi, a quarter Hedlund/three quarters Points Unknown Zulu line, Topa, deep line Hedlund, Oken, half Hedlund/half Zulu line, Klaus, deep Zulu line.

Klaus has an extremely efficient "pace" that he uses to conserve energy. Look at that stride!

Zodiak, a half Hedlund/half Zulu line Alaskan Husky, got the nickname "Mr. Professional" this winter when Rebecca, our greatly missed handler from the UK, commented how well he seems to do his job.

The Phoenix/Tuloon team round the bend. Phoenix and Tuloon are both deep line Hedlund Huskies. Ilo peaks out from behind. He is also a deep Hedlund line Alaskan.

Joel ran his second team of the season with guests. He makes this corner perfectly! Left to right: Wimzi, Topa and Journey.

Phoenix and Tuloon with White Feather and Zodiak behind. Sweet Pea peaks out from wheel position. She is Klaus' sister and is a deep Zulu line Alaskan Husky.

Neil, the musher.

Zala and White Feather in point position with Tuloon to the front and Sweet Pea to the rear.

Neil takes Hannah and Sam out on an adventure. Ilo and Sweet Pea are in wheel position.

Phoenix and Tuloon with Zala peaking out from behind

Ilo and Sweet Pea

Rounding another bend. From left to right; Ari, Wimzi, Oken, Topa peaking behind Oken and Klaus.


White Feather and Zala in sync

Ilo and Sweet Pea

Perfect action shot of Joel with Debbie in the sled

Ari and Journey in wheel

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