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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mother Nature's Practical Joke

Another blast of winter!

A Blizzard! Right after mud season began and it looked as though spring was just around the corner, Mother Nature blasted us with a reminder of winter. After the blizzard, temperatures dropped down to single digits a night and are expected to remain there until early next week. The lake is blanketed with snow but after several days of temperatures in the 50s, the lake ice is not safe so we either truck the dogs to run them or continue down the path of spring being just around the corner. Sadly, this is the direction we'll take. Honestly, we've had a long wonderful winter and because our next project is knocking at the door, we must abandon the thought of running the dogs behind a sled or cart until next fall. They'll get plenty of fun until that time, just a different kind of fun.

Now we've got an extended mud season to content with; my least favorite season of the year. Such is life. There are plenty of exciting things going on to keep our minds off the misery. More on those "exiting" things to come in future posts. We're not quite ready to divulge the details at the moment so we'll just keep you hanging.....

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