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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Director of BOW Testimonial

This photo was taken from the BOW website and includes our campsite right next to our outdoor classroom.

Each participant in our dog mushing course for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Becoming an Outdoors Woman course is invited to fill out an evaluation after taking our course. We were so happy to see the majority of "5s" out of 5 with the only "4s" being checked when participants indicated a desire to have had the course last longer so they could spend more time with the dogs!

Linda Bylander, the Director of the MN BOW program said the following of our course:

"Linda is an excellent instructor for beginning women! She is passionate about dog mushing, and educating women! Her love for her dogs shows and is so important given these women want to see compassion for animals.

All the assistants were exceptional as well; caring, courteous and willing to do whatever is needed to make sure everyone is safe. Thanks! :o)"

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