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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Last Run of the Season


Joel with his team. Left to right - Ilo, Wimzi, Zala, Pheonix and Tuloon. White Feather wasn't able to run due to her surgery the previous Thursday

Hailey with her team. Left to right: Journey, Zodiak, Topa, Oken and Klaus. Ari wasn't able to run due to his surgery the previous Thursday.

Topa's very efficient pace

Down the lake they go

We finally got a smile out of Joel!

Hailey's take off

Zodiak's smiling face

Oken makes sure everyone is back there

Long legged Topa

Journey doesn't appear to be too excited about being next to Zodiak


Tuloon holds the line tight

The serious side of Zala

Goofiness begins!

Caught in full goofiness

That's right! March 12th. Can't believe it. We've had a super long winter and have been running on the lake since December! We've now hit temps of 40s and 50s with rain. Spring will soon be here!

The dogs will take the time during mud season to rest up from their long winter of activity then we'll begin our canicross hikes and obedience and agility classes one the ground is firm again.

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