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Monday, March 21, 2011

MUD Season!


The umpteenth load of straw tonight

The dogs' kennels have a different base than the main yard, allowing for better drainage and less muck.

Mud puppies!

Aise is looking a bit like a hyena these days with her markings and coat but very cute!

Mud season is now underway. This is the season I like the very least. The photos speak the words I can not find (or will not post).

For the past week we have slowly begun taking straw out of the kennels so that the ground underneath can thaw. We've waited patiently for the rain to come and put an end to the last bit of snow and it appears it will be coming tonight. We love winter. Once mud season begins we just want to get it over with a quickly as possible and look forward to spring. It looks as if, however, winter will make one last appearance as after the rain comes tonight and tomorrow, we are to receive snow when temps dip down into the teens for the next several days after!

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