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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Aise and Illy; Nearly 4 Months Old

Illy's favorite spot. She's a thinker.

Her feet are bigger than Grandma Tuloon's at this point. She'll be a big girl.

Aise is such a free spirited puppy. Nothing concerns her.

Poor Blueberry. Somebody is always hogging the dog bed or laying on him.

Our two girls are growing like weeds! We had them in to the vet today and they both weighed 30lbs give or take a couple ounces.

If you recall, I had commented on Aise being a mud puppy in a recent post. Turns out, it wasn't mud at all! Now that the mud is covered with snow and the puppies have had time to play in the snow and become clean again, Aise doesn't appear to have really been a mud puppy at all. Her coat has just been undergoing some changes and the gray guard hairs are filling in rapidly which made her appear to be dirty. Can't wait to see where her coat ends up.

Illy is a tank! She is big boned and beautiful. AND the most important news of all is that we are no longer seeing head tremors. We haven't noticed one for about three weeks now. What a relief. By all accounts, she appears to be a normal happy puppy.

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